Nov 7, 2011

Dream Journal and Dreamwork

Over the years of experience in the occult i cannot stress the importance of having a dream diary besides magickal diary, and for some unknown reason it is the most overlooked thing in the occult. Keeping a dream journal in which you record dream experiences, is an requirement of any serious student of arcane arts wishing to explore Lucid Dreaming, Soul Travel, Astral Projection and it has given me the gift of Visions. The reason why i am saying that the dream journal is the means that provided me with some of the arcane arts is because after some time of writing in the journal you will see the symbols in the dreams as a form of messages from the subconscious, your higher self communicating with you. Dream diary will eventually give you the power of recalling your dreams more and more often by being more aware of them, your dreams will have more substance, they will be more focused, and more clearer in vision. Keeping a dream journal essentially conditions a person to remember dreams, and prevents them from forgetting them.

1.You should  never write your dreams in your magickal diary because the subject of your dreams and the writings of it will become very lengthy and soon it will clog up your magickal diary. Start by purchasing a notebook exclusively to record your dreams and then it should be written in parallel with magickal diary.

3. Humans usually dream in the R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep and it occupies 20% of your sleep. That 20% begins near the end of the sleep so if you cut your sleep short you will not dream because you did not enter R.E.M. phase of the sleep. Determine the optimal time for you to sleep where it is sure that you will enter R.E.M. phase, and make sure your sleep is not cut short or interrupted.

2.Keep your dream journal beside your bed within arms reach. Dreams fade quickly and are easily forgotten so it is best to record them as soon as possible, but do not hurry, take few minutes to fully awaken, you should not jump out of the bed, put your trousers in a hurry, write your journal and then run to your job.

3.Note the date of your dream, lunar phases and the emotional mood you fell asleep with.

4. Note the subject and themes of your dreams, analyze them and offer interpretations to yourself. After a month or two, you will begin to notice common things in them such as themes, signs, same places, people which will eventually trigger Lucid Dreaming (more on it later).

For example; one of the most influential dreams i had, happened right before i had a big breakthrough in the occult, it was so big that it made an chaotic whirlwind in my life, and because of it some things that i have struggling for years finally set in place and made my life better.

The dream was of me and my best friend playing in the backyard of my house, when suddenly i gazed upon clear sky i saw that there were many full moons. Me and my friend were shocked at this strange phenomena and started to count the moons, and saw that there were nine of them, suddenly then i learned that i was dreaming and it was my first Lucid Dream. I had finally awaken. After i analyzed the dream i learned that the number nine represents completion, fulfillment, closure, and rebirth. Full moon means completion, wholeness and also closure. The dream meant for me the closure of my old life and a rebirth into a new one. And it was.

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