Jan 20, 2012

Death, Afterlife and Immortality

"The undiscover'd country from whose bourn
No traveller returns, puzzles the will
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?"
Hamlet - William Shakespeare

After more then two millenniums of Christian oppression, manipulation and mind control, the veil that covers our inner eye is slowly being lifted but death is still an irrational fear and taboo. There in fact exists an infinity of worlds which can't be seen with physical means and that is the reason why so many people are afraid of it. These worlds and planes are closely tied but separate to our own, and yet they as a whole are one.

Death is only an verifiable transition to the Astral Plane, and only after religion has forced people to be afraid of it, it has become the greatest fear in the mind of men, when it should be a great celebration. And even after religion offers its false indirect, unverifiable comfort, people still fear it.

When people die, their consciousness and astral body separates from your body, it simply leaves your shell of organs, blood and flesh of which it has no use anymore and goes on to the next destination.

People who have OBE or NDE, often tell how they saw hell or heaven, but that is only an illusion created by their deep mental imprints that they had imprinted by Church through their life.

Here we come to the Taoist teachings of Asia where Jesus never went. Neidan or internal alchemy is a series of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines intended to prolong life of the body and to create an immortal astral body that would survive death and through millenniums beyond that. Through breath control, manipulation and movement of one's own Chi - life force,  through body, ancient Hsien would achieve prolonged life and immortality. Through their exercise they would create Astral Body (shen - awareness, consciousness) which then became the immortal self after death. So in simplest terms their Astral Body was created by the creation and distillation of Chi and it was augmented by purified semen - Ching - essence. In males Ching is present in form of the sperm, and it is deposited in the testicles. The creation of Astral Body comes firstly through the dantien, which is the center where the Ching is refined into Chi, then the Chi is sent through Ajna chakra where it creates Astral Body. All of that is achieved through rigorous meditation and yogic exercises. After that it is possible to dissolve your body in the nexus of creation or the source of all things which is detailed in Ipsissimus by Koetting.

However i think it is possible that people who die, or achieve astral projection without magnetically solidifying their astral body with one's own Chi, eventually become wandering spirits slowly dissolving into nether.