Jan 20, 2012

Death, Afterlife and Immortality

"The undiscover'd country from whose bourn
No traveller returns, puzzles the will
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?"
Hamlet - William Shakespeare

After more then two millenniums of Christian oppression, manipulation and mind control, the veil that covers our inner eye is slowly being lifted but death is still an irrational fear and taboo. There in fact exists an infinity of worlds which can't be seen with physical means and that is the reason why so many people are afraid of it. These worlds and planes are closely tied but separate to our own, and yet they as a whole are one.

Death is only an verifiable transition to the Astral Plane, and only after religion has forced people to be afraid of it, it has become the greatest fear in the mind of men, when it should be a great celebration. And even after religion offers its false indirect, unverifiable comfort, people still fear it.

When people die, their consciousness and astral body separates from your body, it simply leaves your shell of organs, blood and flesh of which it has no use anymore and goes on to the next destination.

People who have OBE or NDE, often tell how they saw hell or heaven, but that is only an illusion created by their deep mental imprints that they had imprinted by Church through their life.

Here we come to the Taoist teachings of Asia where Jesus never went. Neidan or internal alchemy is a series of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines intended to prolong life of the body and to create an immortal astral body that would survive death and through millenniums beyond that. Through breath control, manipulation and movement of one's own Chi - life force,  through body, ancient Hsien would achieve prolonged life and immortality. Through their exercise they would create Astral Body (shen - awareness, consciousness) which then became the immortal self after death. So in simplest terms their Astral Body was created by the creation and distillation of Chi and it was augmented by purified semen - Ching - essence. In males Ching is present in form of the sperm, and it is deposited in the testicles. The creation of Astral Body comes firstly through the dantien, which is the center where the Ching is refined into Chi, then the Chi is sent through Ajna chakra where it creates Astral Body. All of that is achieved through rigorous meditation and yogic exercises. After that it is possible to dissolve your body in the nexus of creation or the source of all things which is detailed in Ipsissimus by Koetting.

However i think it is possible that people who die, or achieve astral projection without magnetically solidifying their astral body with one's own Chi, eventually become wandering spirits slowly dissolving into nether.


Dec 23, 2011

Trance State & Theta-Gamma Sync

Every time we go to sleep we pass the border between wakefulness and sleep. And every time we pass that border we go through a kind of veil known as the Trance State or Theta-Gamma Sync. Again upon awakening, and as the sleep ends, we pass through the same veil unknowingly. We can look at the Trance State as the “gateway” into the worlds of the paranormal and mystical.  One’s own exercises with the Trance state is a very important step regarding the awakening of one’s psychic abilities, mystical experiences – and can even trigger the on-going evolutionary leaps that often lead a person towards higher levels of consciousness.

Scientific and skeptic community has used this Trance state to explain all the paranormal and mystical experiences as delusional, and as being mere hallucinations. Although that is the trigger where we experience altered states of  consciousness, those are not hallucinations. It is in fact the moment where we cross the border and veil, we puncture the membrane and leave the "Maya" and experience the "truth". all paranormal and mystical experiences are due to the Trance state.

The reason why we must enter the Trance State to perform Magick is because that is the only point where we can program our  subconsciousness, consciously. For the better par of our lives we live unknowingly of our brainwaves and as such we are programmed from youth by external sources, like when we watch television, during great emotional stress, when we go to sleep angry or sad.  This is why some people keep doing same mistakes or have deep emotional traumas, because it has been imprinted on their  subconsciousness by some kind of extreme external psychological stress, or when they "spaced out" while watching television.

When i started practicing Magick, my results were weak at best and i always wondered why, what was the reason. I never knew Trance State was important and fundamental part of Magick.

So the only problem we have; is how to trigger this state. The real trick is to stay awake and conscious when we enter the veil, that being easier said then done.

To achieve trance state requires tedious constant practice and neither God or Satan has any use from a lazy person. Some will master it in very short amount of time and for some it will take very long. The important thing is to be persistent and patient and in the end it will pay off.

1. Sit comfortably, don't lie because you might fall asleep.

2. Inhale  and hold your breath while counting to six, when you reach six, exhale, and then again count to six, when you reach six inhale again. Repeat until you are completely relaxed. In the end when you are completely relaxed, you won't even feel your body.

3. Visualize and feel you are descending on stairway towards darkness. While inhaling and exhaling going step or two down.

4. Now just let yourself just fall down, if you get disoriented just pull your attention towards your body and it will stop. This effect of mental fall coupled with relaxation and mental calmness will lead you into state of trance.

It takes some time to reach this "mental fall" in your mind because your brain changes activity of your brainwaves from wakefulness of Beta brainwaves to sync of Gamma and Theta brainwaves.

5. To get out of Trance State simply concentrate on moving your toes, arms legs, just move your body.

To advance in psychic powers we must train our minds, and it takes practice to enter Trance State.  When we train our minds to enter deeper and deeper in Trance State it becomes easier and takes less and less time.  Adept can enter Trance State in matter of seconds.

Dec 18, 2011

Media Manipulation & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This is one of the reasons why i don't watch television anymore, because the Almighty TV controls, fashion, behavior, education, religion, philosophy and many other social factors and norms. Cancel your TV, be truly free and think for yourself.

Dec 10, 2011

Ipsissimus by E.A. Koetting

"An Ipsissimus is free from limitations and necessity and lives in perfect balance with the manifest universe"

The Ordo Astrum Argentum was an order founded by George Cecil Jones and Aleister Crowley after leaving the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with which it would had very little in common so that it could not fall prey to problems that were the reasons for downfall of the Golden Dawn. A.:.A.:. featured only those in ranks that already possessed the knowledge and aptitude necessary for higher spiritual operations. Unique feature was that members only knew those directly above them and below in the chain of instruction, there were no group rituals and member worked alone. The A.:.A.:. consisted of eleven grades with the highest being Ipsissimus.

Ipsissimus is not written in typical Koetting style that we got to know him by, basically it is the manual on how to become "His most Selfness" or "the master of the Full Self", it is so brilliantly written that it goes deep on his own quest in the occult, attainment of power and on attainment of his own godhood harking at the end that the attainment of the godhood is only the beginning. All that in barely 140 pages by giving instructions on astral projection, deep meditations using indigo candles, three basic yoga postures, bija mantras, how to travel to realms of existence beyond astral and in the end explaining the true nature of ourselves and the latent unlimited potential that we possess.

I found this book to be very very under priced for what it offers, costing only 15.99$ and having free shipping in the states, it easily surpasses's some of those fine occult 200$ editions. I really recommend this book for everybody starting on the path of spirituality.

Nov 7, 2011

Dream Journal and Dreamwork

Over the years of experience in the occult i cannot stress the importance of having a dream diary besides magickal diary, and for some unknown reason it is the most overlooked thing in the occult. Keeping a dream journal in which you record dream experiences, is an requirement of any serious student of arcane arts wishing to explore Lucid Dreaming, Soul Travel, Astral Projection and it has given me the gift of Visions. The reason why i am saying that the dream journal is the means that provided me with some of the arcane arts is because after some time of writing in the journal you will see the symbols in the dreams as a form of messages from the subconscious, your higher self communicating with you. Dream diary will eventually give you the power of recalling your dreams more and more often by being more aware of them, your dreams will have more substance, they will be more focused, and more clearer in vision. Keeping a dream journal essentially conditions a person to remember dreams, and prevents them from forgetting them.

1.You should  never write your dreams in your magickal diary because the subject of your dreams and the writings of it will become very lengthy and soon it will clog up your magickal diary. Start by purchasing a notebook exclusively to record your dreams and then it should be written in parallel with magickal diary.

3. Humans usually dream in the R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep and it occupies 20% of your sleep. That 20% begins near the end of the sleep so if you cut your sleep short you will not dream because you did not enter R.E.M. phase of the sleep. Determine the optimal time for you to sleep where it is sure that you will enter R.E.M. phase, and make sure your sleep is not cut short or interrupted.

2.Keep your dream journal beside your bed within arms reach. Dreams fade quickly and are easily forgotten so it is best to record them as soon as possible, but do not hurry, take few minutes to fully awaken, you should not jump out of the bed, put your trousers in a hurry, write your journal and then run to your job.

3.Note the date of your dream, lunar phases and the emotional mood you fell asleep with.

4. Note the subject and themes of your dreams, analyze them and offer interpretations to yourself. After a month or two, you will begin to notice common things in them such as themes, signs, same places, people which will eventually trigger Lucid Dreaming (more on it later).

For example; one of the most influential dreams i had, happened right before i had a big breakthrough in the occult, it was so big that it made an chaotic whirlwind in my life, and because of it some things that i have struggling for years finally set in place and made my life better.

The dream was of me and my best friend playing in the backyard of my house, when suddenly i gazed upon clear sky i saw that there were many full moons. Me and my friend were shocked at this strange phenomena and started to count the moons, and saw that there were nine of them, suddenly then i learned that i was dreaming and it was my first Lucid Dream. I had finally awaken. After i analyzed the dream i learned that the number nine represents completion, fulfillment, closure, and rebirth. Full moon means completion, wholeness and also closure. The dream meant for me the closure of my old life and a rebirth into a new one. And it was.

Nov 3, 2011

Calculation of planetary hours.

With this simple little program you can easily calculate planetary hours during day and night. The application is open source and freeware and doesn't take a lot of hard drive space or system resources. It will even run on Win98. Calculations of planetary hours are used for making talismans, performing rituals,to calculate the time to begin important projects, business decisions and when to commence astrological therapy. Hours are related to the seven traditional planets and with the first hour, particular planet begins to regulate the day. Since calculation of planetary hours takes long time and sometime we don't know the precise time when sun sets and rises, this program is of great help.  After installation you will have to input longitude and latitude of your residing place and that is easily found on the internet. Also program offers users to view current phases of the moon.


Nov 2, 2011

Ancient Tunnels

Derinkuyu Underground City

One of the greatest evidence that the ancient people knew of the periodic catastrophic event known as Eschaton was the system of tunnels that can be found all around the earth and in which cultures all around world most probably hid to avoid the cataclysm. One of such sites is located in Anatolia, more accurately in the Derinkuyu district in Nevsehir Province, Turkey.

This complex system of tunnels is called  Derinkuyu Underground City. It has eleven floors extending to the depth of 85 meters. This city is so huge that it could house as much as 30 000 people and its livestock, food stores, and it even had temple rooms, stables, storehouses. All of this suggests that this tunnels were a permanent residing place of the residents. City also featured ventilation shafts and smaller air shafts which provided air to the lowest levels of the city.  One could perhaps argue that the residents of these tunnels hid in there to protect from some sort of invaders, but these invaders could easily storm the entrance and lay siege on the city, and thus simply starve the resident to death, or they could just close the ventilation shaft and smother the residents. This city was clearly not meant as an escape from some sort of human threat, but  from the threat of climate.

The makers of the tunnel are a subject of debate, some claim it was the Phyrgians who built the tunnels and some claim it was the Hetites. Since it is impossible to carbon date stone, the age of the city is also subject of debate among scholars. But could it be that this city is even older then the Phyrgians and Hetites? Possibly! Anatolia has been home to many civilizations throughout our recorded history, such as the Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Greeks, Akkadians, Assyrians, Armenians, Romans, Sassanids and as a result, Anatolia is one of archaeologically richest places on earth.  Achaemenid Empire, Arsacid Empire and the Sassanid Empire had Zoroastrianism as their main religion (from which the Christianty drew majority of their teachings). The primary deity of Zoroastrianism, the Ahura Mazda is even older and evidences of its worship stretch back even further in time.  In fact Zoroastrianism emerged out of a common prehistoric Indo-Iranian religious system dating back to the early 2nd millennium BCE, and  according to Zoroastrian tradition, Zoroaster was a reformer who exalted the deity of Wisdom, Ahura Mazda, to the status of Supreme Being and Creator, while demoting various other deities and rejecting certain rituals. It is given in the Vendidad  description of an event which spawned destructive winter on the lines of the deluge mythology. Ahura Mazda comes and saves mankind from this winter by instructing prophet Yima (Noah) on how to build great multistory underground city (Arc), where a select group of animals and people could hide and take refuge. Sounds very much like the Flood myth from the bible. The city is protected and sealed by 450kg heavy stone doors. Doors in the shape of an wheel were positioned in such way that they could be moved only from the inside by a single person. Only 10% of it is open to public.


The Cavern of Death

Another type of these tunnels can be found at village Liyobaa (translates as The Cavern of Death) in Zapoteca region and these tunnels are called Liyobaa Cave Entrances. After the conquest of South America by the Spanish Conquistadores, Caholic priests who eventually found the cave entrance sealed it off with tons of rubbles, dirt and huge stones. It was banned and sealed by the priests, as they declared it "passage to Hell".

Before the sealing of the tunnels the Catholic priests, in order to convert the believers in this "myth" to Christianity, made arrangements to enter this subterranean door with a large retinue of torch holders and a long rope, which was tied to the stone slab door. They also took the precaution of having a large armed guard make sure that the door was not closed on them.
After they had lighted their torches and entered the door, it was discovered that they would have to descend several large steps. At the foot of the steps was a very wide stone-paved passageway with a high stone buttress on either side. The passageway led directly away from the steps into the distant bowels of the earth. The bones of the most recent arrivals, picked clean, lay before them as the passage seemed to continue without end. On each side of the buttressed path they could see into a large area which was a large labyrinth of stone pillars that seemed to hold up the very mountains which they knew they were beneath. As they advanced into the mountain, a putrid, dank air assailed their nostrils, serpents retreated from the light behind the shadows of the pillars in the distance.
They continued into the depths at a distance of about 40 meters when suddenly a strong cold wind began to blow about them. Still striving to continue, as their torches were extinguished rapidly, they took flight when all became dark, not only for the danger of the serpents, but also from strange sounds they could not place, but which were not being made by the members of their own party. Using the rope and the light of the torch one of the guards held in the doorway, out of the strong wind, the entire party rapidly retreated from this terrifying region.
When all the company had swiftly retreated to the ante-chamber of "Hell," they rapidly replaced the large stone slab door. After this the head prelate gave orders to fill in all the underground chambers and seal off and erase all signs of the stairs to them, thus eradicating for all time this entrance to the Caves.

Cueva De Los Tayos

Cueva De Los Tayos in Echuador have been brought into mainstream attention and criticism by Erich von Däniken in his book The Gold of the Gods. Däniken claimed to have been guided through artificial tunnels in a cave under Ecuador, Cueva de los Tayos, containing gold, strange statues and a library with metal tablets, which he wrote was evidence of ancient space visitors.

 The man who he claimed showed him these tunnels was called Juan Moricz. Later the two of them visited Father Carlos Crespi who showed them his gold collection. This collection is now known as Crespi collection and Father Crespi said that some of the gold tablets were from before the great flood. Father Carlos Crespi was a Silesian-monk who lived in Ecuador. He did missionary work among the Indian population in remote valleys during his lifetime. Crespi received or bought many artifacts from the indigenous people in Ecuador.

 When questioned, they told him they had found them in subterranean cave systems in the jungles. As time progressed, many of these relics were brought together and kept in the courtyard of the church Maria Auxiliadora. Unfortunately, many of the artifacts were destroyed in a fire in 1962 or later when the church was restored. Also, many were lost or wound up with treasure hunters. After Father Crespi passed away, the remaining artifacts of the original collection were removed and made inaccessible to the public. Däniken claimed that the initial cave led to a system of artificial tunnels which led to great rooms, temples and libraries.

Cultural Amnesia

 Imanuel Velikovsky's book Earth in Upheaval goes in great detail about the catastrophes and cataclysms that had befallen earth.  Imaneul believed that Planet Earth had suffered natural catastrophes on a global scale, both before and during humankind's recorded history. He also believed that there is evidence for these catastrophes in the geological and archaeological records thus the extinction of many species had occurred catastrophically, not by gradual Darwinian means. Imanuel's main hypothesis claimed that catastrophes that occurred within the memory of humankind are recorded in the myths, legends and written history of all ancient cultures and civilizations. Velikovsky pointed to alleged concordances in the accounts of many cultures, and proposed that they referred to the same real events. For instance, the memory of flood is recorded in the Hebrew Bible, in the Greek legend of Deucalion, and in the Manu legend of India, more so in the Ipuwer papyrus he believed he had found a contemporary Egyptian account of the Israelite Exodus. Velikovsky suspected as i do, that the electromagnetic forces might somehow play a greater role to counteract gravity and orbital mechanics. The fading memory of such event among the people he attributed to psychoanalytic idea of "Cultural Amnesia" as a mechanism whereby these literal records came to be regarded as mere myths and legends. So in the end, are our myths and legends more then fabled stories, or are they memories from great events that truly shaped the course of our race?