Dec 10, 2011

Ipsissimus by E.A. Koetting

"An Ipsissimus is free from limitations and necessity and lives in perfect balance with the manifest universe"

The Ordo Astrum Argentum was an order founded by George Cecil Jones and Aleister Crowley after leaving the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with which it would had very little in common so that it could not fall prey to problems that were the reasons for downfall of the Golden Dawn. A.:.A.:. featured only those in ranks that already possessed the knowledge and aptitude necessary for higher spiritual operations. Unique feature was that members only knew those directly above them and below in the chain of instruction, there were no group rituals and member worked alone. The A.:.A.:. consisted of eleven grades with the highest being Ipsissimus.

Ipsissimus is not written in typical Koetting style that we got to know him by, basically it is the manual on how to become "His most Selfness" or "the master of the Full Self", it is so brilliantly written that it goes deep on his own quest in the occult, attainment of power and on attainment of his own godhood harking at the end that the attainment of the godhood is only the beginning. All that in barely 140 pages by giving instructions on astral projection, deep meditations using indigo candles, three basic yoga postures, bija mantras, how to travel to realms of existence beyond astral and in the end explaining the true nature of ourselves and the latent unlimited potential that we possess.

I found this book to be very very under priced for what it offers, costing only 15.99$ and having free shipping in the states, it easily surpasses's some of those fine occult 200$ editions. I really recommend this book for everybody starting on the path of spirituality.

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